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If you are an Established Artist or Snanner who is interested in joining this site, and you intend to be active and remain active, then please register and then send me a PM letting me know you are an Artist/Scanner and are interested in contributing to the site. If you join and you find some of your work on our site, the upload credit will be changed to the original Artist.

About is a private site that consists of a community of members with a common interest in creating and sharing DVD Covers and Labels.

We encourage our members to give us suggestions, to help us make this a better place for all. We work constantly at improving our site. We want members to always feel welcome.

Please read the following Registration instructions carefully. Besides registering, you must also purchase a Subscription if you want Full access to the Site. There is a Registration Link at the bottom of this Disclaimer

By purchasing a Subscription and Registering, you agree too, and accept the terms as outlined below. You also agree to read (required) and abide by the Site Rules (site rules are subject to change without notice). The DVD art represented on this site is for personal use only, and is not to be sold, or used in the sale of any DVD movie.

If all you want to do is browse the site then please Do Not register, you do not need to create a username. If you want to be able to post on the Forum, or download covers and resources, then please read on:.


We offer a Lifetime Membership* or an Annual Subscription to our Forum, which includes full access to the Forum and any and all downloadable and non-downloadable resources available on the site..

  1. Yearly subscription is $13 dollars, automatically renewed unless canceled Prior to your Subscription's anniversary date, or a Single Year $12 dollar Subscription through Google Checkout (Buy Now Link). Google Checkout accounts are free. Google Checkout accepts all major credit cards. Important Note: When using Google Checkout your Subscription will not be activated until the authorization of your credit card has been confirmed. Since PayPal & Google Checkout do not provide me with the email address you registered with on DVDCoverArt, you must send me a PM or email so that I can properly credit your membership.
  2. A Lifetime* Membership is $100 dollars, paid at time of registration using the "Make A Donation" button located at the bottom of the Forum page. The Lifetime Membership includes everything you get in a yearly subscription with the exception that you will be a permanent member of the DVDCoverArt Family of Friends.

Subscriptions and Lifetime Memberships must be paid for at the time of registration using the Paypal Subscribe button located on the bottom left side of this page. You must register using the same email address that you use with your PayPal account or Google Checkout account.

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*Lifetime Forum Membership: Providing you adhere to the site rules, you will remain a member of for the lifetime of this Site. DVDCoverArt guarantees that it will never purposely close the Forum unless necessitated by natural causes or the enactment of laws that might prohibit this site from operating.

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